Marine United Church of Christ

Our Church

Past to Present

On May 18, 1863, a meeting of Protestants was called for the purpose of organizing a German Evangelical Protestant congregation in Marine. A Constitution was adopted and signed by twenty-five members pledging their support.

In 1865, a simple rectangular brick building was erected and in 1871, aparsonage was built to serve as a home for the pastor and schoolhouse also. For some ninety years these buildings served our congregaation well. During the early years until 1907, all services were conducted in German.

In 1955 the old church, as well as the parsonage, were demolished and a new church building program moved forward. Our persent santuary was completed and dedication service held in 1956.

Our church maintenains a full-time pastor whose duties include support and assistance, as neccessary, for the church school, educational opportunities for adults, confirmation classes, youth programs, hospital and home visits, as well as Sunday worship services.

We have a staff consisting of an organist/choir director, bell choir director, secretary and custodian.

Throughout our almost 150 years of existence, God has blessed the life of the Marine church, and it has been the source of blessings to many. It stands as a witness in the midst of this community to our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, we feel that we need direction and encouragement to achieve greater commitment from our members and more active involvement of our total membership in the work of this church.

Marine United Church of Christ ☀  111 N. Center  ☀  P.O. Box 396  ☀  Marine, Il  ☀  62061  ☀  618.887.4465