Marine United Church of Christ

Our Community

Marine receivd its name at a very early date due to the fact that among the early pioneers were many sea captains: therefore, the name "Marine" was chosen in remembrance of their seafaring life. It was between the years 1813 and 1818 that the first early pioneer families arrived at the settlement.

Settlers came from the East Coast, New England, Kentucky, and New York; others crossed the Atlantic from England and Germany.

The German ancestry is reflected still in some of the old town buildings and family names; however, our population is becoming diverified. New familes are attracted to Marine because of its quiet, safe environment, its parks and churches, its friendliness, its proximity to major highways, and its shopping, sporting and cultural opportunities in nearby St. Louis. Many Marine residents commute to St. Louis for their employment. A number of excellent universities and colleges of higher learning are within commuting distance, including Eden Theological Seminary, SIU Edwardsville, and Mckenkes.

The Triad Community School system holds a reputation of excellence. District 2 consists of a middle school, a new high school, and four elementary schools located in Marine, Troy, and St. Jacob.

Other assets near the Marine community are the St. Joseph's Hospital in Highland and the Oliver Anderson Hospital in Maryville. Fine local doctors as well as specialists from St. Louis serve on the hospital staffs.

Two churches serve the Marine community, the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, and The Marine United Church of Christ.

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